Ethical Equity

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Investment Thesis

We believe in responsible investing and that long-term performance is a result of a company’s approach to sustainability. Sustainable businesses provide products and services consistent with a low-carbon, equitable, healthy, safe and prosperous society. By targeting best-in-class companies through a full integration of social, environmental and governance assessment into our investment decision-making process, we enable our clients to have investments which reflect clear values while growing their capital.

Investment Objective

A dual objective to participate in the growth of best-in-class companies providing the highest positive social and environmental impact and which we believe offer a significant margin of safety from a valuation perspective, thereby seeking long term capital appreciation.

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Investment Approach

Long only equity

The strategy is actively managed through bottom‐up selection of high impact, undervalued stocks with high growth potential as determined by our proprietary sustainability assessment and fundamental analysis, combined with a four-pronged macroeconomic analysis of political environment, economic tendencies, long-term valuations and market sentiment.

Mount Murray Investment Ethical Charter