Emerging Markets Equity

Geographic focus

Emerging markets, may include frontier markets


EEM – iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF

Investment Thesis

We expect emerging markets to continue to outperform most developed markets in the long run due to converging forces in income levels, living standards, social benefits, interest rates, and general economic opportunities. Because of market inefficiencies, we believe emerging and frontier markets present ample mis-priced assets.

Investment Objective

To seek long term capital appreciation through investments in larger capitalization stocks listed in emerging markets and, to some extent, frontier markets. 

Fact sheet

Investment Approach

Long only equity

The strategy is actively managed through a bottom‐up selection of undervalued stocks with high growth potential as determined by assessing business strategies, management teams and fundamental measures, combined with a four-pronged macroeconomic analysis of political environment, economic tendencies, long-term valuations and market sentiment. Our convictions are reflected in our investment process, where the horizon of portfolio investment decisions is usually beyond three years and we take the liberty to deviate significantly from our reference index.