Our philosophy and process

We believe in active investment supported by our team’s fundamental research and macroeconomic analysis in order to deliver long term value for our clients.
Mount Murray Investment fosters a culture of permanent learning and seeks to constantly further its investment process, which follows a disciplined method.


Using a fundamental bottom up stock selection approach with an emphasis on high quality companies with robust business strategies and proven management teams, our research aims to identify attractively priced larger capitalizations which exhibit strong and sustainable returns potential with range-bound volatility. Onsite company visits and contacts are considered a key part of our research process. Proprietary return forecasts assess investment fundamentals and the opportunities created when these fundamentals change. 
Combining these selections with our four-pronged macroeconomic analysis of political environment, economic tendencies, long-term valuations and market sentiment assessment, our team bases its allocation on forward looking global macroeconomic themes.
In making asset allocation decisions, our portfolio managers are supported by an investment committee, which challenges the selection performed by the strategy’s portfolio managers with the help of the portfolio analysts, debates and decides on the final geographic and sector choices.


Continuous quantitative evaluation of fundamentals and market signals across instruments, industries and countries to identify inefficiencies in information and pricing supports a robust quantitative approach combining fundamental value analysis and a top-down macro view.


Portfolio construction seeks to optimize risk and return with consideration of implementation costs.
Our objective when building positions is to follow a holistic portfolio approach, aware that sustainable long-term returns must outlast a market cycle.
Daily evaluation and methodized portfolio rebalancing ensures portfolios respond to new fundamental and pricing information on a timely basis


Our forward-looking risk model assesses systematic factors and position-specific characteristics and events.
Each proposed new component of a portfolio is considered on a pro-forma basis. We work with clear risk objectives and constantly measure our effectiveness at attaining them. Beyond risk measurement, our investment strategies follow position and regional limits.
We aim to have volatility measures that are on average lower than those of benchmarks in our long-only strategies and that are efficiently capped in our alternative strategies. We will increase our active risk when opportunities present themselves.