Our team

  Thomas Rochefort-Beaudoin

AI Research Analyst
Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering, Polytechnique Montreal


As our in-house AI analyst, Thomas works on leveraging data engineering to increase the efficiency of our pre- and post-investment processes. He notably leverages state-of-the-art computing infrastructure and large language models to provide financial and ESG risk profiles in our investment universe.

Thomas holds a Bachelor’s in aerospace engineering from Polytechnique Montréal, at the University of Montreal, where he is currently completing a Ph.D. at the intersection of applied artificial intelligence and structural mechanical design.

During his time at Polytechnique Montréal, Thomas was heavily involved with PolyFinances, the student investment club of the engineering school. He had the chance to preside over the student initiative to complete an overhaul of the investment policy and notably added a sustainable investment framework. He still supports this investment club by serving on its board of directors.