Ethical Equity


Mount Murray Investment Ethical Charter

Our principles for selecting companies whose ethically sound practices and offerings drive sustainable sales, profits and competitive positioning consistent with a low-carbon, equitable, healthy, safe and prosperous society:

– Activities which contribute to human dignity, liberty, empowerment, education and health;

– Activities that combat climate change and develop clean, accessible, affordable, efficient and renewable resource use;

– The amelioration of wasteful or polluting practices and responsible production and consumption;

– The production of accessible, high quality, safe and properly presented products and services;

– The development of appropriate habitat and transportation and other infrastructures that provide life-easing services;

– The responsible development of human capital with regards to fair employment conditions, including: remuneration, compatibility of job with family, education and upgrading of skills, support of employees’ participation in the ownership and decision making of their work organization, workplaces fostering diversity, inclusion and respect for a person’s individuality;

– Operations that harmonize with and contribute to local community;

– The preservation and improvement of endangered species and ecosystems;

– The respect and well being of animals;

– The development of sustainable technology and science and the encouragement of invention and innovation;

– Financial market practices consistent with allocation of capital for a positive secular shift to sustainability;

– Good business ethics.