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Newsletter – August 2019

A colorful spring

The second quarter was a more challenging one, as the trade war shockingly went nuclear. It wasn’t lost on us that President Trump escalated the tensions to their peak on the very day that Michael Cohen, his ex-lawyer and “fixer”, reported to federal prison to start his three year sentence. This is a volatility phenomenon we have to work with. It has not yet become a structural problem, but currently acts as more of an irritant. The world needs Chinese growth to slow to more mundane levels, and to do so in an orderly way, as it needs to lose its fixation with specific targets that prevent its provincial officials from shedding lower value-add jobs. 

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Newsletter – May 2019

Our first quarter results

We have completed our first quarter with positive results in line with our targeted risk profile, which is lower than that of the overall market and we think speaks to our disciplined investment process.

Blog – April 2019


Venezuela isn’t somewhere we invest in currently, but it crops up frequently in discussions. Its headline grabbing collapse scares potential investors who worry that other countries will follow suit, that a wave of contagion is about to overwhelm regional peers, thereby spreading misery and poverty in its wake. We try to be clear on this: the current collapse of Venezuela is definitely the end of the last wave, not the beginning of a new one.

Newsletter – January 2019

Our first newsletter

A new chapter has begun at Mount Murray Investment. We are pleased to announce that our firm is now established and actively investing in global public markets. Our mission is simple: create value for our clients through a full market cycle and beyond with investment strategies that are relevant for the future.

Blog – November 2018

Ordem E Progresso

This seems like a good time to remind ourselves about the motto that graces Brazil’s flag – “Order and Progress” – the promise to the Brazilian people. Yet few would say that the dream has been achieved so far. Brazil is all too often dismissed as the country “with a great future behind it”.